Roulette is just a game of timing. Start playing when the odds are in your favour and win. It's as simple as that. Sign up for our alerts for only £1 for unlimited alerts.

Simple Roulette Alert System

Roulette Alert is an Alert Service to notify you when there is a constant pattern (streaks) of numbers on a roulette wheel. You set the alert level and we will notify via email or online alert sound. 

Example:- You set alert at 10.

We notify you when there is a
continuous run of 10 Reds/Blacks, 10 Highs/Lows, 10 Odds/10 Evens in a row.

It couldn’t be simpler. Keep your computer/tablet or smart phone on standby. When you receive an alert, log onto your Casino account and start placing your bets.

Your subscription covers the televised roulette which are in the public domain between 6pm and 3am on Sky channel 862 and Channel 5, for the 9 hour period of play.

Receive an alert when there are continuous streak of Black/Reds - Highs/Lows - Odds/Evens.

Receive an alert when there has been a run of no show numbers from 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.

Save yourself from sitting in front of the roulette wheel for hours on end.

Try our system at these slot sites and casinos.

Just register and we will notify you via email, screen alert or app alert when
your selected stream occurs. You choose the pattern you would like to follow.

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  • Disclaimer
    We are an independent organisation and have no association with any online casino.
  • We are not providing any winning system. The alert service purely advises of patterns in which the numbers have appeared.
  • This information is in the public domain is manually collated from National TV.
  • We do not use any form of computerised assistance in calculating risk strategies and we are not offering any winning strategies.
  • We are not predicting the numbers to follow.
  • We hold no account with any Online Casino and it is our company policy not to place any bets.
  • We are not responsible of any bets you place.
  • This service is only available for Great Britain.
  • This service is strictly for over 18's.
  • Please see full terms and conditions.